Monday, August 6, 2012

Custom Window Seat

Window seats are one of my favorite things to add to a room. They are a great functional focal point and with the right fabric they can add warmth to the space, while combining interior and exterior for an organic approach. Since this window gets a lot of sun exposure being in the front of the house, I used Sunbrella fabric to provide extra protection to keep the fabric lasting longer. The tan fabric is very durable and dark enough to hide any stains or wear from use but accented by the burnt orange piping.

 I made a zipper in the back so over time a new cushion can be made. Typically for my cushions I use a hard foam for the inside. In this case a 4” foam, then I take 2” quilt batting and spray glue the top, bottom, and sides of the foam. This allows the fabric to fill out and hides the sharp edges of the foam. ALSO it’s a great way to protect the foam from disintegrating over time from use. Therefore down the road if the customer wants to have me make a new cushion I can save the foam (the most costly part of the materials) and just replace the quilt batting and make a new cushion!

The pillows are a great finishing touch to this project! I loved the burnt orange color and felt like it needed to make more of a presence. Custom made decorative pillows are an absolutely great way to add more color, patterns, texture, touches etc to any room.  One of my favorite things to make is decorative pillows out of leftover ends of fabric. They are in expensive to make and are the last finishing touch that really completes a design. I found these really great dark wooden buttons for the center of the pillows. I love the way these colors accented the room, and Ryan from O'Dwyer Contracting did an excellent job with the custom cabinets and painting!


grandechrisxl said...

Wow great read

Nicole Sanchez said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Roxie Tenner said...

It’s true that window seats are a focal point in a room. It’s because they’re both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I also agree that choosing the right fabric is critical in creating a desirable impression with your window seats. Choosing light-colored fabrics to bounce off the light is a good rule of thumb when you’re designing your window seats – something that you did tremendously well. Good work, Nicole!

Roxie Tenner

Nancy said...

Those pillows are adorable! They are a great complement for the windows too. When I saw the pictures, I was enthralled by the way you highlighted the windows, the pillows, and the cushion without them overpowering one another. Of course, the windows are still the star of the show. They seem to make the room brighter.

Nancy Ferdinand

Allyson Ripple said...

Impressive work, Nicole! I love how windows are highly customizable. There are tons of materials and treatments to choose from, so your imagination’s your only limitation. Even so, it’s important to think about your design carefully and not throw in any color or items impulsively. Windows are focal points of a room, so they affect the house holistically.

Allyson Ripple

Katie said...

The first picture struck me well. Working with windows is challenging because you have to consider both function and design. I love that you were able to stick with a single color scheme to produce a unified theme. :)

Katie Nicoll