Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dainty Salon

I have to start by saying this was one of my favorite projects to work on so far. I LOVE everything about the salon from the color scheme to the owner’s original concept of a “Dainty Salon.” To enhance the salon’s lush and classy atmosphere was one of my own personal goals.

My first task was to create 4 hair cutting stations made from a large curtain that would be suspended from the ceiling by a rod and cables. The challenge was to design a top treatment that would work with the construction since a traditional rod pocket or tabs weren’t possible with the cables running through the rod into the beam in the ceiling. 

I figured the best design for the curtains would be a ribbon tied top treatment. This worked great with the cables running up and down the rod because I could position the ties where I needed them.

 Controlling the drape of the fabric was also an important part of this design since the fabric was almost triple the width of the rod. The ribbon ties top treatment helped to control the drape as well while keeping true to a “Dainty” design.

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