Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall 2013 Color Trends for Interiors

Just like patterns and fabrics colors are a trendy part of fashion. With color being one of the most important things in any design (next to form and function of course), the right color can make or break a design.

                                  Color can make a space feel elegant and classy.          
Or busy and distracting.

Color trends change with the times in interiors as well as apparel fashion. More times than not what makes design look "dated" is the majority of color in the space. I bet these pastel floral chintz sofas are screaming 1980s just as loud to you as they do to me.

To keep control and consistency in the ever changing world of color, the company known world wide Pantone www.pantone.com holds the reference guide in color. As my first job out of college as an assistant merchandiser, pantone swatches were my life! (To this day, I still think of white as BRIGHT WHITE 11-0601 TCX).

Pantone not only holds the registry for all colors but is a great source for fashion forecasting used to get ready for the latest color trends of the season. Fashion Designers, stylists, clothing companies, and Interior Designers worldwide utilize these forecasts to create up to date looks and styles for their businesses.

This is a great example of the Fall 2013's fashionable Emerald used to create a focal point in this interior.

Color Advice: A great way to have a fashionable space on any budget is to keep your most expensive pieces in a neutral color. Like this great bliss down filled sofa from westelm.com I just used in a living room makeover I kept the couch and rug in neutrals and created a focal point with this version of fall 2012's honey gold 15-1142 pillows. The trendy pillows can be easily and inexpensively changed out to create a refreshed up to date look with out sacrificing this great sofa.

As much as I believe in a timeless design I also have a love for color and its benefits. Such as having light colors and hues of yellow for a clean energizing effect in a home office.

Or the benefit of having the combination of these shades of linden green and deep linden green to create a cozy atmosphere for a living room.

Color is a crucial part of any interior design, it can be fun to work with, and great for achieving that perfect look. By using your favorite colors as accents can be a great way to create a trendy but timeless look.

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