Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Trendy Chevron

Chevron the pattern that is seen everywhere...from  maxi skirts and nail art to wooden picture frames and  fluffy pillows. A little history the term chevron originated from French architecture referring to the roof of a house where two rafters meet making a V shape. 

These trendy zig zags became very popular in 2012 and are still lingering and even taking on different forms (see below this take on chevron ikat from my favorite into late 2013. Some fashion forecasters speculate it is on its way out but with the ease of adding texture to a design it is hard to resist!

Although my design theory has always been to accent timeless pieces I have used this popular trend in some of my designs. I have found it is great to use in children's design being a fun focal point that can be neutralized to enhance other bold colors. Here is an example of where I used it in a nursery. It added a great focal point keeping with the grey and white color scheme and allowing reds and teals to make an appearance as well.

My favorite use of chevron was this rug that I found on a great site for trendy affordable decorative pieces with great sales. My client and I were both happy with the quality and the fun factor that it added to her kid's loft area. Since this room was visible from the downstairs living area and kitchen I wanted to keep the visible accents of the loft neutral not to distract the eye while in the downstairs areas of the house. This bold chevron rug was perfect for accomplishing the goal.

While we are seeing the chevron trend starting to fade into the latest and greatest herringbone and my personal fav the moroccan influenced lattice pattern come into play. I still find myself adoring a great chevron with bold colors or a subtle focal point.

Only time will tell if Chevron is here to stay... What do you think??

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