Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Tips for getting a house Rental Ready.

Living in Northeast PA, where families come from all over to enjoy the Lake Region of the Poconos, there are tons of rental homes available. From lake side cottages to rustic log cabins, whether looking for a long term rental property or a vacation stay, renters have their share of choices. 

Many times property owners can overlook the value of good decorating; a great wall color can distract from floors that may need to be stained, a runner in a high traffic area can hide unwanted scuffs, or adding a small desk in a living room can allow tenant to envision a home office. 

After my most recent project I created 5 steps to help get your rental property ready.


A new color scheme should be a top priority on the expense check list. A fresh coat of paint can change the entire feel of the space and enhance dull walls.

These walls we painted over were faux wood panels that had a ton of dings and bows in them. This flat paint helped cover the imperfections. 

2.) Establish a budget

When walking into any retail store during a home improvement project, it becomes easy to get carried away in all the things you could possibly need. Determine how much you are willing to spend making it easier to decide what is really need.  

Example - Step away from the fancy $370 light fixture when you have 47 new outlet plates to buy.

3.) Create a theme

Even if it is a small one a common theme allows for fast and easy decision making and helps distract from random acts of decorating. 
Try to avoid.

Random acts of decorating - excessive use of vinyl, shaped into a plant and the haphazard arrangement of picture frames.

This homes wood like paneling reminded me of the beach cottages in my University of Rhode Island days. I went with a New England inspired theme and added rustic pieces like the lantern and wicker vase above the fireplace.

I also wanted my recent favorite color heirloom red to make an appearance and added it with this burlap framed art and coordinating tin vase. Tip - adding more than one accent color allows for a more detailed final design.
4.) Be practical

As a designer I can get carried away in the finishing touches of a space. It is important for rental properties to practice practical thinking. 

Problem - Room was missing a clock. Solution - Clock over desk.

Makes sense right? Focal point in the room and the future tenants won't be late for work.

5.) Keep it Simple

Realistically the tenants are going to add there own pieces to make the house feel like their home and the landlords job is to provide them with the necessities. Therefore a portion of the budget was allocated to these Hunter Douglas Applause blinds. They are durable and will last for years. With the cordless operating system no one will ever have to worry about a cord snapping. Win. Win.

Interior design and decorating is a constant balance of aesthetics and function. This balance is very present in rentals, making the space appealing to the market will ensure quality renters. Adding practical pieces to withstand wear and tear is key. Hiring the right design professional can rid the stress of remodeling and get your property ready for success.

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