Friday, November 29, 2013

Being Thankful for Decorating

With Thanksgiving in the recent past and the shopping craze of black friday around us. You can't help but notice the struggling theme of being thankful for what you have versus giving into the temptation of what you want. Instead of fixing up the chair or coffee table that might just need some TLC  and creativity- its much easier to give into the retail crazed temptation. 

Especially with deals off off my all time favorite go-to's lingering in my email.

This leads me to a design for thought - What is worth keeping versus what is worth the extra investment?

Many items in our homes end up staying for sentimental value, like an antique vanity or the couch that was inherited. What many people don't realize is that upholstering can often be more expensive than buying a new piece. The Catch 22 of design - where keeping things for sentimental value, while also being more sustainable, can end up costing you.  

Sometimes it is most definitely worth the extra penny to save these pieces and others it may be time to let go.
Where a piece with good structure and just a dated fabric could be
worth the investment to reupholster or slipcover.

If something could be living within.. It is definitely time for the trash

Carpentry pieces like coffee tables, rocking chairs, book cases even as simple as picture frames that have been passed down to us can often be brought back to life with some paint and stain. Just remember preparation is key with these projects a good primer goes a long way and making sure you have the steps down before starting a project can really help you in the end. 
I love the simple and easy tips gives for all things DIY.

The design for thought when you are in need of something different and trendy for your home, you may already have it. Sometime it just takes some innovation and elbow grease but it could be worthwhile and even fun than giving into the retail temptations.

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