Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Decorating - (or lack there of) 2013.

With Christmas quickly approaching and the holiday season in full swing, it is painful to admit that this designer has only a select few items of christmas decor in sight.

In compromise with my practical contractor of a life partner, I agreed to not go crazy (end quote) with holiday decorations since we are in the midst of moving and need one less thing to pack.

With the realization that my craving for sparkly lights and crimson ribbon was going to have to be put on hold, I became determined for a brief moment of homemade holiday cheer. Stuck at home due to a snow storm I planned on making Ryan and I Christmas stockings.

D.I.Y Steps:

The most important part of a sewing project is the pattern, I made mine by tracing a stocking over poster board.

Then I traced over some on sale felt from (fold fabric in half to double the cut)

Next I used my sewing machine and stitched all the way around leaving a half inch on the top two sides for the fold over.

Love the minimalist feel burlap gives

For the overlap at the top of the stocking I used my recent obsession burlap
Such a great textured neutral to use

I found a great gold spec burlap (also on sale). I sewed the burlap on to my red felt with the machine once then folded it over and repeated the stitch.

After the insides were all stitched up I turned the stocking inside out and used a thick golden flaked yarn and threaded it through the top of the stocking.

So happy I decided to make our own stockings this year! Such a great Christmas project that only took a couple hours and a couple bucks! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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